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Diamond Elephant’s EP In The Circle of My Dance”. It features “Giving Love” – a tune that has been received quite well by the audiences. I think the reason why people are often drawn to that title, in particular, is that they feel the dedication with which every musician has worked on the title to make it a special one. It features Wolfgang Hilmer on guitar, Tim Buktu on bass and Chris Eibl on percussions.

Diamond Elephant’s first complete studio album “Love Revolution”. I’ve invited even more musicians on that album. On Love Revolution Max Grasmüller contributed some lovely and romantic saxophone lines to the songs I had written. Philipp von Quast has given the record the right beat on every track varying from Hip Hop to Funk, Jazz, Latin and even Rock. And last but not least if it wasn’t for Dominik Glöbl’s trumpet the record would just not be the same. Why don’t you let me know which is your favorite tune on that record.

Well it’s been some time since my friend Sandro Stahlmann and I have been working together. Check out his latest remix of Giving Love, titled “Unplugger Remix“. Enjoy 😀

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